Time for me

Im on a 2 weeks off school so I thought it might be a good idea to focus on me a little bit more, and be at peace with myself. Im finally back on my exercising (after an injury break), so must of my anxiety has disappeared, thats good, but I was thinking and I realized there may come a day when I wont be able to exercise everyday and… WHAT AM I GOING TO DO IF THAT HAPPENS!?, I mean lets hope it never does but….. If it does!? What am I going to do!? Am I going to go back to old habits? Am I going to be strong enough to deal with it!? I want to learn how to control it but it seems impossible for me! I spent 2 weeks off exercising because my back was in big pain thanks to an accident with some weights, in those 2 weeks I gained 3kg!! I did some things I regret now, I was too depressed to go out and my anxiety was over the top, all that because of 2 WEEKS OFF! Can you imagine what is going to happen to me, mentally and physically, if I spent more than 2 weeks resting!? 
Sometimes I feel like I’ve recovered in so many ways but there are still certain things that I cant handle, that I still cant control and that makes me nervous because I feel like those things are going to push me back to were I was a year ago… 
Im trying to focus on myself these 2 weeks. If you have any advice please comment below, I will be thankful to read some ideas.