Sick of Everything

I’ve been absent for a while, Life has been so dull! I cant find any inspiration or motivation, I’m not in the mood for anything, I dont go out anymore, I dont enjoy exercising anymore, I can’t stand being at school, food is so annoying (Ive also gained weight which is so frustrating), Im rude with everybody around me and life has become so… Overrated to me. Im sorry if I sound depressing or negative but it’s just how I feel, and I’m aware it’s not ok, I know I have to change, and believe me! I’ve tried, but it doesnt seem to get better…. 

Things at home and at school are not even bad, they’re pretty good actually! I haven’t argued with my mom in a whiile and my grades are better than ever. I’ve come to the conclusion that I AM THE PROBLEM, I dont know what’s wrong with me! 

Please if you have any advice, please, please, please, please! Comment below… I need it more than anything right now.



7 thoughts on “Sick of Everything

  1. I’ve been like that to lately. I mean I’ve always been moody because of my bipolar depression but I’m just tired of everything too. I can’t even stay still long enough to read which was my favorite thing in the world . I’m lashing out on my dad , my summer haven’t been the best because right now I’m homeless and i know it’s not anyone’s fault but I blame it on everybody . I just can’t seem to get motivated either , but I’ve been doing a challenge lately with myself . I’m writing every thing that makes me happy for 30 days straight and posting it on my blog . The response I’ve been getting is making me smile so that helps . Also I would recommend watching a lot of funny videos online . Like watch vine ( if you don’t know what that is , it’s just a six second video sharing network ) a lot of creative funny people post stuff all the times . if you think you’ll like to check it out just tell me I’ll love to recommend some of my favorite viners .
    I hope I’ve help in some ways and just remember it’s just another part of being a teen .
    hope it gets better, also if you’ll like to do the 30 days of what makes you thing , you totally can 🙂

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      • i don’t know who that is but I would suggest Kingbach , nash grier , cameron dallas , kian lawley , specialK ,
        and if you want singers or just girls that make funny , or singing vids : Melissasandoval, _summerella_ , wolftyla


      • And sorry for the link to my website at the end of the comment . I don’t want you to think that I’m one of those people who disguise self promotion as a comment . I’m not saying that I accidently put it in there , I knew what I was doing but after I posted it I kind of read a blog that said that it was kind of annoying. I started thinking about it and I agreed with the blog . but hey i’m new to the blogging world and I think this is a mistake most bloggers need to make at least once in their blogging life . so I’m sorry , I really did connect with what you wrote because I’m experiencing it too.


  2. There’s nothing wrong with you. You’re just feeling like crap and you’re feeling uninspired. I get that, trust me; I’ve felt like that so many things I can’t even count them.


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