Life without logging food

A week ago my account from MyFitnessPal was blocked, apparently bc Im under age and blah blah. I was thinking of getting a new account in another app but then I thought: I DONT HAVE TO COUNT CALORIES! When I used to go to my nutrionist, she told me to delete the app and it was really hard for me bc it was me controlling what I was eating and if I didnt do it I felt like if I didnt have control ove myself, after I did it my anxiety level was awful and ugh… I dont even want to remember. Ayways, right after I went out from my last appointment with my nutriotionist I went back to counting calories, until now.

The first day, I thought it was going to be like the last time but it didnt! I was pretty calm, I did snack a little more than usual but it didnt went that bad. The thing with countnig calorie is that I feel the need to know how much Im consuming, for me its still really triggering when I gain weight so I try not to do it, thats why now that Im gaining muscle I’ve convinced myself to not get on a weighing scale, Im still working on it.

One thing I learned was that, if you eat good portions of good food, you dont have to count how much calories you have in your plate. Lets imagine you have a diet of 2000 calories per day and all you eat today is a hamburguer from a fast food restaurant, you’ll be eating 600-800 calories (its just an average),  YES you’ll be eating less than what you have but it doesnt give you any nutrients!!! Its not how much you eat, its what you eat, always remember: Quality over quantity.

These last few days without logging have been pretty cool actually, I feel calm and relax, I realized I was obssessed with logging EVERYTHING and I wasnt enjoying what I was eating! Im a really big fan of Frozen Yogurt, but evertytime I ate one I felt so bad with myself and regreted every single scoop I had. It was really neccesary tortured myself in that way?

Slowly Im recovering from so many bad habits, I know I still have a long way to where I want to be but Im getting there. Same goes to you, no matter what your goals are, dont rush it, work hard for it and enjoy the journey, life is more fun when you enjoy the little details and just let yourself go.



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