Summit of the Americas

I know I’m 16 and most people of my age are not talking about politics and stuff like that, but since de VII Summit of the Americas was yesterday here in Panama and everybody was so excited about it, I thought I should do a post about it.

This was kind of a big deal and everybody was mega excited and I was too, I mean if you are going to give 4 days off school thanks to the welcome of some presidents, believe me IM GOING TO BE EXCITED. My family and I were aware of every move and news; we watched the news channel from Thursday to Saturday. It was a pretty big deal the fact that Cuba was going to be at the Summit for the first time, and I was really interested on what they were going to say.

Latin America is not what we could call the most developed place on earth, we’re facing a lot of problems like poverty, hungry, analphabetism, the global warming is damaging our natural resources (which are many), we have no equality and most of our countries are facing serious economic problems. So, with all this in mind the least you can expect from these people is to talk about these problems and SOLVE THEM. Guess what they didn’t do…. TALK ABOUT THEM AND SOLVE THEM, the whole reunion was just a bunch of people giving us history classes, talking about wars and confrontations that happened a thousand years ago and insulting other countries like WTH IS WRONG WITH YOU!? There are people dying here, we don’t have enough study opportunities, we have a serious problem with people migrating to other countries, there are people living in houses made of boxes and you are there talking about an invasion that happened almost 20 years ago and has nothing to do with what is happening now.

 I know I’m not the most prepared to talk about politics but it’s what I see and feel.

If you watched the Summit then comment below what you thought.


Mother situation

First of all I want to say that I LOVE my mom, she gave me everything I have and no matter what she will always be my mother and forever she’ll mean everything to me. This being said, I know the relationship between a mother and a teenager is not easy but I dont think its normal for a mother and a daughter to fight EVERY SINGLE DAY! Me and my mom we just dont get along, Ive been living with my mom for 7 years and I dont remember a day where we dont fight, is IMPOSSIBLE. When my mom gets angry she doesn’t think what she is saying and her words can be pretty damn painful, and I know Im not an angel I know I have a strong personality but if you compare me with other teenagers out there I DO NOTHING! I go out sometimes but I do nothing bad, I have pretty good grades, Im super independent, I dont ask her for anything (even tho she buys herself things really often) and I dont annoy her at all so why does she has to be so stressful! Everytime whe fight is my fault, and when Im talking to her I feel like Im annoying her and Im going to be honest with you, I dont like to talk with my mother at all. The things are getting worst and I cant wait to finish school so I can leave to study at the University (the main reason why I put so much effort at school), my friends say that I need to ignore her but I cant! Sometimes I feel like she was not prepared to be a mother with me, and she’s only doing it with my little brother.

I know this is something that every teenager goes through with their parents but I seriously think that we (me and my mom) have a bigger problem. So, If you have the same problem please comment how do you do to handle and not let it bother you, PLEASE!!


School got me like… UGH

HELLO! ok so Ive been absent for a whiiile, but after I got from Venezuela I started school inmediately and I have new subjects like fisics, logic, biology, etc and OMG Ive been extremely busy. I have a few days off school thanks to Holy Week so inmediately I though of writting a post because I missed it a looot.

Ok so my trip to Venezuela end up fine even tho I had an awful indigestion thanks to shrimps. I absolutely loved to spend time with my family, but Venezuela… is not ok and its so sad for me to see my country go down in such an awful way.

Anyways I dont want to make of this a sad post, so school… OMG school is the most stressful place in the entire planet, you feel so judge by the people around you. Me, Im not a fan of attention an I hate to feel like if people is talking about me so you can imagine, I have little anxiety attacks in the halls of my school. Thank God my friends exist! and I met amazing people this year, so now our circle of friends is bigger and incredibly fun! they are the best.

My resolutions for 2015, Ive been committed my self to them… I still havent complete one but Im a firm believer that I will. I havent left the exercise and my abs are starting to come out, my grades are better than ever, me and my mom well… thats another story, I havent finish any book yet and I’ll probably run a marathon on April.

So yeah, this a a little update post, and even tho I know probably nobody will read it, it feels good to let it out there with you people.

Comment about your school and how you handle it, and How are your resolutions going?