Valentine’s Day

If its meant to be it will be

Its Valentine’s Day again and I know for some of us is not an easy day. Its not my first Valentine’s Day as a single person so It doesnt affect me that much by now but believe me I know that sometimes watching those love stories on tv or seeing all those cute couples on tumblr can be really depressing. As a person surrounded by couples I know that sometimes it can be pretty damn hard being the only single person in your group of friends but I believe in something called “Destiny”, I strongly believe that if something is meant to happen it will happen. I know waiting for the love of your life can be hard, especially if all your friends have found “the one” but remember that good things make themself wait, it sounds a little annoying but sadly is the truth. For now just enjoy being single and spending time with yourself, be your own couple for Valentine’s Day! watch Netflix, go to the movies on your own, go ahead and eat some ice cream, dance in your room, LOVE YOURSELF! enjoy your own company and learn how to be on your own so when the time comes if someone breaks your heart you have already learned how to be on your own, how to be happy with you and when that someone special arrives to your life you will not longer be afraid of love, you will not be afraid of getting hurt, you will love with all you have and if is not for you, you will be ok because you already know that there’s no better company than you.

Id rather be vain than learn to hate myself again

I know that maybe this is not going to take the sadness of being alone in Valentine’s Day away, but this ^ is what I always remind to myself everytime I feel sad about being single. February 14 shouldnt be a depressing day for you, it shouldnt be an agony! go an eat some chocolate and make these day the best of your life, I dare you.




Its good to go home.


I DID IT! thank God February didnt end up so bad, I made it to Venezuela. Well Im not there yet, actually Im at the airport right now but YES! Im going home for a few weeks.

I dont know about you guys but I just LOVE to travel, going to the airport and get on an airplane is really facinating for me. Especially the airport, you can find any kind of people here, for example there are those who travel like if they are going to a fashion show! and dont get me wrong, I looove accesories and fancy clothes but I mean if you are going to the airport and you get to the registration point and you have to take your shoes, watch, belt, etc (at least here you have to) why do you have to look like a model?. Also there are those people who travel with weird all wrapped bags, why cant you use a normal bag?, when I was checking mine next to me there were this family who had like 8 of those and they took forever to check them! I mean do you realize that later you have to grab them all again when you get to your destiny? and I find the look-for-your-bag time, the most maddening.

Anyways, so yeah Im going to Venezuela and I cant be more happy :). In other not so good news, I wasnt able to recover my phone so I guess I’ll have to buy a new one on my own and here you cannot get a job if you are a minor… but I’ll figure something out. Dont ask me why but when the guy from the police station told me he wasnt able to find my phone and that the case was close, IT WAS AWFUL!! I’ve never been more affected by something material and I feel kind of stupid for that. Its sad you know? a phone shouldnt affect my life so much! there are worst things in life and I think the inner me should be aware of that.

If you want me to write about something let me know :D, Ill probably be posting something in Valentine’s day.


Wow… Life…

Ok so, for some of you this may sound stupid or some of you may say “she’s complaining about nothing” or “there are worst things in life” and BELIEVE ME! I know that, Its just that these stupid things happened in a moment of my life when I though nothing bad could ever happen to me. Well i guess, nothing good last forever.

Anyways so yeah my luck drop down and right now I dont feel like Im in my best, even tho I try to be positive and have happy thoughts… I dont know, I feel like if you are a good person why bad things should happen to you?

What the hell happened to me!? you may ask. Well here they are the most stupid reasons (but as I said, for me are not) to be mad about life:

1. I LOST MY IPHONE: Here’s a fact about me, I’ve lost every single phone I had. Why? I dont know I just do, but finally I was trying to show my parents how responsible I am now and 7 months after I lost my phone in my car (YES, in my own parents car), they decided to gave me another one (an Iphone 4s). Last friday I was at the mall with some friends, I went to the restroom, let my phone out of my sight for 1/2 minutue and BANG! It wasnt there anymore. Someone stole it, but thanks to “Find My Phone” I was able to know were it was, bad luck for me it is in a really bad place with really bad people. So guess who has no phone after a month? ME.

2. I was suposed to travel to Venezuela 2 days later, I was really happy about it. I was going to see my family, my dad, my grandparents, etc; and I was going to forget about my phone for a while (I cried for 2 days straight), also I wasnt going to be with my mom and my stepdad who are OBVIOUSLY really mad with me. Anyways, we went to the airport, I checked my stuff and proceed to the inmigration point. As I am a minor, I cant travel alone without my parent’s authority and thats a process, so apparently my dad’s authority was missing a stamp and I wasnt able to travel. I started to cry again, I was so freakin mad! you have no idea.

3. I already checked my bag so I had to go for it before they packed it on the airplane. I went there, talked to the lady and guess what? I had to wait an entire day for my bag, and it wasnt even sure if I could get it back the next day!! Keep in mind that Im a girl, I was traveling for a month, I only had 1 bag and ALL my stuff were there! (clothes, shoes, makeup, accesories, toothbrush, girl stuff!) and I was so mad at that point that I didnt even care if I was going to get my bag in an hour, everything was coming out really bad and that just made it worst.

Yes, I know… There are only 3 things, they were not that bad, Im overreacting, etc. Well Im aware of that, but I was having such an amazing time in life, I though only good things were happening, nothing bad could ever happen to me now. WELL THEY DID HAPPEN!!

1. There’s still a small chance to find my phone.
2. If we’re able to stamp all my authorizations, I may be able to go to Venezuela, for a shorter period of time, but is good news anyways.
3. I got my bag the next day with all my belongins.

Im trying to stay positive and realize that bad things will always happen, life is all about good things and bad things, there’s nothing I can do it about it. I just have to stay positive and at the end everything will be alright.