Body Confidence


I’d like to start off by saying I know how it feels. I had a period in my life where I hated myself, everything about me, good and bad. I hated my hips, I hated how I had opinions about things, I convinced myself that my friends didn’t love me, that they couldn’t love me.
I was so mortified about how gobby and bossy I was as a child that I began going bright red whenever anyone even asked me a question, for fear of being seen as gobby again.
I would lie awake at night, hating myself because I had a piece of cake with everyone else, that I didn’t say enough to this person, that I had said too much to that person.
And it was hell.
But it was a phase, and phases pass. Everyone in life has this phase, whether it lasts three years or three…

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The Day After 2015

My family is heading home tomorrow :c but we had an amazing time! My cousin and I went to The Day After Festival, is a 3-days festival and the best dj’s came. We only got to go to the 2 last days but still it was awesome, we saw Nervo, Martin Garrix, Borgore, Afrojack, etc.. It was amazing! and we also met incredible people that made our weekend the best weekend EVER!! Personally I dont LOOOVE electro music, I mean I  like it but its not my favorite kind, still idk the excitement and the people around you can change anything, so everything went absolutely perfect.

Also, there were so many Venezuelan flags and Venezuelan people its was unbelievable, we actually felt like home. Being there with my cousin was precious, we havent seen each other for a long time, we grew up together and even tho we fight a lot! A LOT! I love her so much, we have so much fun together, I wish she never leave.

I took too many videos and not enough photos, but you van see it was huuge.


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Hope you had an amazing weekend like me 😉



I haven’t post in a while (sorry for that) but when I started this blog I decided I wasn’t going to be under the pressure of posting an exact amount of posts per week, I’ll only post about the things I want or I feel interest about.

Ok so… MUSIC, what would I do without it? what would anybody do without it? My music taste has a very big range, it goes from QUEEN to One Direction, from Ozzy Osbourne to Lana del Rey. I really dont have a favorite gender, when a song catch me it just does no matter if its Rock, Pop, Electro, R&B, Jazz, etc. Sometimes are the lyrics another times is the beat, sometimes is just the singer/group but if that song captures my attention I will keep listening to it for the rest of my life.

I know this post may seem stupid, but I want to know what is your music taste, do you have any favorite song/singer/group? just comment below I would love to hear them.

Some family is coming tomorrow (my cousin and uncles) so its gonna be fun, my cousin is more like a sister to me, we grew up together and I really miss her. So yeah, we will go out as much as we can and if something interesting happens… I will let you know.


Body image!

HELLO! Its January 2nd, we are oficially in 2015. Aren’t you excited?
Ok so my family and I decided to spend the last days of 2014 at the beach, and as I told you before Im really insecure about myself, specially with my body image. After my dangerous weight lost I started to recover and gain back my normal weight, and as I started to recover I decided it I wanted to have a more healthy and fit life.
I was so obsessed with being skinny! I though that being skinny was the definition of being beautiful and I cant believe how wrong I was. I commited myself to love every inch of my body no matter what, and being skinny was not going to be a trauma for me anymore.
Anyways even tho Im now in a healthy weight, I excercise a lot and eat super healthy, my body image has always been an issue for me. I dont feel comfortable in tight clothes or reeeeally short dresses and of course I DO NOT feel comfortable in a bathing suit, so this trip was going to be a major fear for me.
Day 1 came by and I was completely excited when I looked at myself in the mirror wearing a bathing suit and feeling extremely ok and specially I felt so pretty in it. I ran into my mom and told her, she was so happy for me! she told me she was really happy that I finally realized how beautiful I was. The fact that she shared with me my excitement for something that, for some people may seem stupid but for me was a really big deal and she cared about it, was absolutely amazing.
It was a super day for me, that was an incredible achievement. I started this new year so happy and proud of myself, that gives me hope for the rest of 2015.
So please please PLEASE always remember, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!!