Little bit of me.

Hello! my name is Andrea Im 16 and Ive never been so nervous about writing something in my life (except for that time I wrote that guy for the first time). Anyways… yeah Im Andrea, Im 16, Im from Venezuela, love cats, old music, Tumblr, reading, youtubers, parties and chocolate. There’s nothing different in my life, Im a normal teenager who’s struggling with the usual teenager troubles (I excuse myself if I write something wrong, still practicing my english).

Ok so… my life? I cant complain about it Ive had a really good life, this past 16 years have been a series of ups and downs but it has been an amazing journey. Since I was little Ive always been insecure about myself (something really comun for this generation) Ive always felt (and Im pretty sure Im right) that my cousins, friends and probably everybody around me are INCREDIBLE GORGEOUS and I dont have that image of me, I struggled with some problems about myself (selfharming, losing too much weight, isolation from my friends and family, etc), writing and music has always been my way out, I’ve been singing since I was 8 (I could say Im good at it) and writing little diaries since Im 9 (I dont know if Im good at it but I like it a lot), I remember once I tried to write a book but noup didnt happen.

Im not expecting for someone to read this, I mean idk how interesting a 16 year old girl´s life could be but Im hoping it will… I have promised myself I will not let my life be an average life, I want to make of my life a life to remember.

What am I going to write here? ANYTHING, my day review, my struggles, my happy times, my not so happy times, my worries, my school time (ew), anything! and see if someone can relate to it (Im pretty sure someone will). I will try my best here, but please keep in mind this is my first time doing something like this I promised I will get better and I hope you would like it, if you feel the need to correct me or talk to me about something dont be afraid, im really nice:)



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