New year’s resolutions.

Can’t believe 2014 is almost over and as a lot of people out there I decide it to write my new year’s resolutions. Last year I did the same but 2014 has been a rollercoaster, It has been a series of ups and downs, Ive been in my lowest and highest so I wasnt able to achieve all of them. In fact I think I dont even remember what they were.

Anyways here they are, Ladies and gentlemen my 2015 Resolutions


I really hope this next year will be full of amazing things for me, for you and everybody out there, dont forget to be thankful for everything you have and, be positive! Even if this year wasn’t the best, believe me 2015 will. Dont regret anything that has happened to you because everything happens for a reason and even if it was bad or good, its going to take you right where you have to be, you just need to be patient and have faith because everything will get better.

Just because something isn’t happening for you right now doesn’t mean that it will never happen.

Be happy, stay postive and remember its ok to feel bad sometimes just dont forget to move on and keep going.
HAPPY 2015




As I spend my whole day watching Skins on my bedroom (except for that hour and a half I spend at the gym) I start to think how would it feel like to have a life-like them (drinking and parting all night, getting high and just don’t care about anything or anybody) and I got to the conclusion that even tho for some of the people out there would sound fun ( even for me I would love to be like them sometimes), at the end its not that fun. These guys get so much pressure from their friends that they end up doing things they don’t want to, some of them have so gorgeous feelings that get lost on that awful attitude they have about life.

As a girl with many friends, some of my friends have a life-like that… ok maybe not that exact life but yes their lives are pretty similar, and I just wonder how it feels to not think about your future at all. As a girl who is constantly thinking and worrying about how her life is going to end I just don’t get it, how can they do that? how can they just “go with the wind” and do whatever they want to? Also, where the #$@!? are their parents? I mean, my mom would kill me if I don’t come home at night, she would literally have a panic attack and I would be grounded for my entire life!

So what do you think? have you ever watched Skins? Would you like to have a life-like them? Personally I wouldn’t love a life like that, I wouldn’t be able to handle it but sometimes I need moments of “I just don’t care, I’m going to do what I want without worrying” and I think everybody need those moments, specially teenagers.


Too awkward for me.

First I just want you guys to know that Im a very social person, Im never going to be around people and be like the shy one, NEVER! when I start talking believe me you’ll wish you never knew me (Just kidding Im really nice, I know that for sure).

With that in mind I want to let you know that this party was the most awkward party I’ve ever been! I never felt so out of place in my life until this moment, this kind of stuff ususally never happens to me, at least not when Im surrounded by the people I know! Because let me tell you this: My friends are AMAZING they are EXCEPTIONAL but (like all of us) they have differents groups of friends (who are also fmy friends but not for as long time as them) and when they are with them… oh well I DONT EXIST! and that makes me so angry because I always try to include everybody to my group of friends, I dont want anybody to feel like if they were left apart and it makes me so angry that my so called “friends” can not do that.

Im not going to lie to you, there were moments when I had a really good time but… ughh I’ll just tell you that I spend most of my time at the restroom instead of dancing and having fun.

OH! and also everytime the Dj plays those songs where you have to dance with someone very close (bachata, salsa,merengue,etc) guess who’s always alone, so what I was supposed to do? stay there l watching everybody dancing? NO, I went to the restroom 😉

So yeah that was my amazing night, hope you had a best one.


My dream with Lawley


Before you read this post I just want you to know that this is a really “personal” stuff but its also very funny, and after reading my first post like a hundred times I decide it, why not? Im starting a blog about me and my everyday and…this is me and something that happened to me in my everyday.

Ok so… 2 nights ago I had this really weird dream and at the end I kissed Kian Lawley, yeah you know the YOUTUBER!? Anyways yeah I kissed him and idkw but it felt so real and cute that I woke up the next morning  with some really strong feelings for him like if I knew him in person, like you know when you like someone? it was not a crush like the usual crush you have for a celebrity, it was a really strong feeling and Ive been like this since then.

I know its completely stupid and he doesnt even know I exist and if he knew Im pretty sure he would not think of me in that way, but I started to think: When am I going to find that someone special? (and if you are a teen like me who has never had a relationship but all your friends had, well you probably know how I feel).

“Love comes in a very unexpected way” WTF Im always thinking if Im going to find someone, that means Im always expecting for love to happen. Every guy I meet is a potential crush and  Im always thinking: “maybe he is the one” “maybe he would like me” and Ive had these thoughts for a really long time, this is not new and thats what annoys me more! This craving feeling for love is killing me inside, I want someone to hold my hand, someone to kiss me, someone who I can be comfortable with, someone I can talk everyday without feeling like if Im annoying him, someone who would make me feel wanted; maybe Im asking for too much with only 16 or maybe you know “love is not for everyone” (I just remember I heard that before and I cant remember where).

Anyways yeah can this feeling please go away? Lately Ive been really cold with the people around me… its like I want to be with my friends but I dont want to be close with anybody right now, and inside IM CRAVING LOVE.

soooo yeah, ladies and gentlemen this is my struggle with love ^

Im on my way to a party, if something interesting happens I will let you know.


The White Band’s Burden: Band Aid 30 and Modern Britain

Modern British Studies Birmingham

The nights are drawing in, an African disaster is in the news, and Bob Geldof is swearing on live television. It can only mean one thing: Band Aid is back. Now resembling a national institution, the artistically dreadful charity single Do They Know It’s Christmas? has been resurrected for the fourth time in thirty years. Now featuring such humanitarian heavyweights as One Direction and Olly Murs, Band Aid 30 raises funds to help tackle the ongoing Ebola virus disease epidemic in West Africa.

Band Aid has attracted a significant amount of criticism since its revival, which has focused largely upon the song’s patronising and even dehumanising portrayal of African people as desperate, voiceless, and dependent upon the generosity of privileged white Westerns. Many of these critiques are as old as Band Aid itself. However, Band Aid 30 has still proven popular with the music-buying public. At the…

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Little bit of me.

Hello! my name is Andrea Im 16 and Ive never been so nervous about writing something in my life (except for that time I wrote that guy for the first time). Anyways… yeah Im Andrea, Im 16, Im from Venezuela, love cats, old music, Tumblr, reading, youtubers, parties and chocolate. There’s nothing different in my life, Im a normal teenager who’s struggling with the usual teenager troubles (I excuse myself if I write something wrong, still practicing my english).

Ok so… my life? I cant complain about it Ive had a really good life, this past 16 years have been a series of ups and downs but it has been an amazing journey. Since I was little Ive always been insecure about myself (something really comun for this generation) Ive always felt (and Im pretty sure Im right) that my cousins, friends and probably everybody around me are INCREDIBLE GORGEOUS and I dont have that image of me, I struggled with some problems about myself (selfharming, losing too much weight, isolation from my friends and family, etc), writing and music has always been my way out, I’ve been singing since I was 8 (I could say Im good at it) and writing little diaries since Im 9 (I dont know if Im good at it but I like it a lot), I remember once I tried to write a book but noup didnt happen.

Im not expecting for someone to read this, I mean idk how interesting a 16 year old girl´s life could be but Im hoping it will… I have promised myself I will not let my life be an average life, I want to make of my life a life to remember.

What am I going to write here? ANYTHING, my day review, my struggles, my happy times, my not so happy times, my worries, my school time (ew), anything! and see if someone can relate to it (Im pretty sure someone will). I will try my best here, but please keep in mind this is my first time doing something like this I promised I will get better and I hope you would like it, if you feel the need to correct me or talk to me about something dont be afraid, im really nice:)